Driver Performer Removal Instructions

What is Driver Performer?

Driver Performer is a false PC tuning tool, that promises to increase computer speed by removing unnecessary items in the hardware. However, rather than to help for the user to prevent a system crash and similar issues, the program continues to carry out its checks and reports on the missing hard disk problems. Most these issues are reported by the Driver Performer invents or cannot be deleted because it’s normal to have it on the computer. Please, do not trust the device and note that you may not be seen in Add/Remove Programs list. In this case, you should use up-to-date antispyware, such as SpyHunter.

How Driver Performer occupies my PC?

Driver Performer is distributed via different websites and has to be installed manually. As we have noted, you can download from,,, number from other sources is a legitimate and reliable. However, just as many other applications, you can download in a package with other programmes. In order to avoid that, you must always select custom install method to clear all unknown items. As after installing an application, you can start seeing steady has to check the PC. After scans, Driver Performer lists the different types of issues and provides repair for the money. It must be clear that we do not recommend that you use the software and pay for the license. Save the money and use more reliable apps!

How to delete Driver Performer?

If you want to delete Driver Performer, you must uninstall it through Add/Remove Programs list.

For that:

  • ‘ Start button ‘-> ‘ Control Panel ‘-> ‘ Uninstall a Program ‘ or ‘ Add/Remove Programs ‘ and select ‘ Uninstall ‘ button when you see Drive Performer or similar items in the list.

If you don’t see it there, perform a complete system scan with the updated SpyHunter.

Download Removal Toolto remove Driver Performer

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