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Not able to revert back changed browser settings the way they were before? Fade up of useless promotional ads and redirects on your Chrome/Firefox/IE browsers? Seeking for methods to free your PC and browser from the tentacles of completely? If your answer to all these questions is “YES”, then read the blog post below to get the complete information about including methods by which you can easily eliminate or remove it from your PC and browser. is a very harmful browser hijacker that seems to be legitimate search engine but it is not. When it infects any computer system it changes browsers settings and changes default homepage and search engine to It will redirect users to another malicious website and also collects private data of the users and sends it to its developer.

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It will alter browser’s homepage and other core settings in order to control it completely. It restricts you to surf certain websites or domains intentionally security related websites in fear of getting disclosed. Since it has all the controls of when and what to show in your browser, you may observe garbage ads and pop-ups constantly. Not only that, it will also spy your all and all movement over browser so that it can keep track of anything that it detects important or classified. No need to explain, what is and how much destruction it can do to your unharmed PC. So without slaying any time, just follow the deletion steps given in this article below and remove all the traces of this rogue from your Windows computer.

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