How to Remove Europol Virus

What is Europol Virus?

Europol Virus is a ransomware virus that cheats ignorant computer users to send money to hackers to share confidential information with them. Although frightens people into believing they are charged with unlawful distribution of copyrighted material and you have to pay the fine to unblock their computers, this false notice is not legal and it has nothing to do with the police or any crime agencies. This intrusion is a real security risk and that is why it has to be removed immediately.

Europol Virus is a ransomware infection in the same family as the Ukash disease, FBI Moneypak and other severe infections. The virus transmitted to the computer with the aid of Trojan horse. The disease using Trojans as Uremtoo and Urausy to infiltrate into the system without being observed.

It is also called as EC3 Europol Virus and pretends to be sent by Europol to notify that the computer activity were monitored and the PC is blocked because of the illegal activity.

This is what a fake notice says:

As you can see the only purpose of this intrusion is stealing their money. Also, it wishes to take the personal and financial information and use it to make a fortune. Stop cyber-criminals before they are stolen the information. To do this, delete Europol Virus directly.


How to get rid of Europol Virus?

To repair your computer, remove Europol Virus fully and without further delay. Choose automatic deletion of virus because if you lose the documents and you can even experience the severe and critical system failure. These measures are proved to delete Europol Virus fully and without missing an infected file on your computer. Also, it is important to use the trusted AV program such as SpyHunter to eliminate the infection entirely and also remove other harmful files and the threats.

Follow these instructions for removing Europol Virus:

  1. Boot your system to Safe Mode with Networking. To do this, use the F8 key and reboot and then select the option required from a menu.
  2. When Windows are ready, click the link below for the browser to download SpyHunter on your computer:
  3. Scan the system with SpyHunter detection and removal of Europol Virus fully.
  4. After you have successfully removed Europol Virus and released the PC, continue to use SpyHunter and check your PC on a regular basis and it detects and removes all threats.
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