How to Remove Redirect

What is (also found as AllGamesHome Search) is a Web site which should be avoided because it encourages different unidentified or unauthorized Web sites by making unnecessary redirects to those sites. Besides, the search engine can be easy to set up to monitor surfing habits of users and send the data to a third party. However, the main objective, so we’ve included this site in our database, is that intimately depends on the browser hijacker, which changes your parameter and set this page rather than the default the search engine home page. As the result, begins to appear on all Internet Web browsers and allows the victims to forget such common search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Please, do not ignore these changes to your computer. If suffering from permanent redirects to, you must check the PC with the updated antispyware such as Spyhunter.

How to recognize is on the PC?

All Games Home Search can be easy on the home page, home page and a new tab when your computer becomes infected with a browser hijacker, which is in charge of system changes made. You can become infected with this risk if you want to use freeware, shareware and similar uses, tends to select the commercial pop up advertisements or by visiting illicit Web sites. Besides, malware can also be the cause of the virus. As quickly as it is in the system, it changes some of PC parameters and starts redirecting victims If you see the unknown search field marked ” by ” , you should be careful.

How to delete redirect?

When suffering from redirections to, you should check the Add/Remove Programs list for maliciouc entries at first.

For that, then click on:

  • ‘Start button’-> ‘ Control Panel ‘-> ‘ Uninstall a Program ‘ or ‘ Add/Remove Programs ‘ and select ‘ Uninstall ‘ button when you see or similar items in the list.

In addition, fix each of your browsers by following these steps:

Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer, move ‘ Tools ‘ -> ” Manage Add-ons ‘ -> ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.
  • Here, search for or similar items and then click ‘ remove ‘.
  • Now start IE once and select Tools-> Internet Option-> General page.
  • Enter Google or other addresses to make it a default home page.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, move ‘ Tools ‘ -> ‘ Add-ons ‘ -> ‘ Extensions ‘ .
  • Find or similar items and then click ‘ Uninstall ‘ .
  • Now free Mozilla Firefox once more, going to Tools-> Options-> General-> Startup and choose ‘ Show the blank page ‘ when Firefox Starts or set a specific site, as Google or something similar.

Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome, click the wench symbol, click settings and select ‘Manage a search engine’.
  • Change the search engine google and other and remove or similar items from the list.
  • Then Go article ” On begin ” and make sure that you get empty page when creating a new page.

Finally, we recommend that you run a complete system scan with SpyHunter and make sure that you have deleted browser hijacker from the computer.

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