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How to remove Boston Ransomware?

What do we know about Boston Ransomware virus:

#There are questions regarding Boston Ransomware : virus, which is  Well, to be honest, there are some features, regarding the code and other characteristics, which differentiates Boston Ransomware from CryptXXX. GNL Boston Ransomware is considered to be another version of Hidden Tear open source cryptomalware. This alert starts with these words: Boston Ransomware Property Section notification and you should definitely remove the ransomware from the system. Boston Ransomware is a scam and should be treated as such: Boston Ransomware properties:   It constantly redirects browser to malicious websites that promote fake security tools. removal by running a full system scan with updated anti-spyware.  it may also change desktop settings.

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Remove Pidon

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH Pidon d’accès à Pidoné virus?

The way how Pidon gets inside the system is based on trojans. The application locks your system and displays a message that is supposedly a warning from police. It installs itself without users’ consent and loads pop-ups that interrupt other applications running on the compromised system. Visiting prohibited websites, watching pornographic or copyrighted content, spreading malware are included into these law violations that are listed on Pidon alert. To be more precise, it is a Windows Shell type of hijacker that installs on the system and starts generating fake notifications warning the user about system errors.

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Delete Sodinokibi Ransomware

What is Sodinokibi Ransomware file?

Sodinokibi Ransomware is promoted as the best computer protection suite available on web. However, in reality this name means only some dirty schemes that will be used for stealing victims’ money. Sodinokibi RansomwareAV, like other similar rogue applications, presents itself as a powerful spyware catcher. and so on. It also claims it can repair any Windows error, hardware errors and slow computer performance. It leaves the victim the  Sodinokibi Ransomware is a scam and should be treated as such:

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Uninstall your files

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH your files Police virus?

your files is a ransomware program that was designed by cyber criminals to attack computer users in France. As you may guess from its title, it attacks users from your files. Besides, as soon as it manages to infect the system, it replaces computer’s desktop with its fake notification, which reports about nonexistent content and asks to pay the fine for using it. It tells you to do that through your files payment system which should sound a bit weird as no official institutions would use such means to collect the fines. Some popular ones are FBI MoneyPak virus, United Kingdom Police virus, The Cheshire Police Authority virus,  your files properties:

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Uninstall DotNoData

How can DotNoData appear on my PC?

DotNoData ransomware, disguised as a plain file, not attracting any attention, is placed in one of the directories of your PC. DotNoData) is another malware disguised as anti-spyware. DotNoData is installed without user’s permission through the use of trojan viruses, whereas trojan virus can download and install additional malware, adware or even rogue anti-spyware applications. The main purpose of DotNoData2009 is pushing people into buying licensed version of DotNoData or some other fake program. After doing so, it starts showing a huge warning message offering the victim to buy DotNoData decrypt tool and decrypt each of affected files. 

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Uninstall RobinHood HT

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH ‘System message – RobinHood HT’?

RobinHood HT ransomware is one of the latest ransomware threats released. RobinHood HT gets into the computers stealthily, scans the system for files and encrypts them using an AES algorithm. causing trouble to computer users ever since. RobinHood HT uses AES-2258 algorithm to encrypt the files. Also, this notification may require to pay a predetermined fine via alternative payment system. RobinHood HT ransomware is just like that. Do not buy nor download this software.

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Uninstall Gotcha

Technical side of Gotcha virus:

“Gotcha” Pop up is a fake security alert generated by a rogue program called Windows Security Suite. The ransom starts from $500 and it must be paid in Bitcoins. Scanning a computer online without your consent is impossible; This virus may also infect MBR sector, which is executed prior windows boot. This parasite is an unreliable program that displays exaggerated scan results in order to gain a purchase. Do not trust Virus Gotchar 2008! Gotcha properties: It has nothing to do with National Security Agency and other governmental authorities. Use reputable anti-malware utilities such as  Spyware; By the way, calling to Gotcha support can also be a cause of extremely big phone bill from your phone operator because this service applies a 

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How to remove Ataware?

Information about Ataware ransomware

.Ataware virus is a malicious ransomware that can PERMANENTLY destroy your personal files. program/service, which is used to swindle people’s money. It has been discovered by a research worker form Proofpoint, nicknamed Kafeine. While seeking this aim, Ataware can not only start recording your keystrokes, download other viruses on the system and update itself. it is similar with the crypto-ransomware giants that seem to duplicate in no time at all. Just like previous versions of this threat, it shows up on computer out of nowhere and reports about various e-crimes, such as the use of copyrighted content, distribution of malware and similar.

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INPIVX virus: what it is and what it does?

INPIVX (also known as FB INPIVX) is a dangerous malware, which belongs to the group of INPIVX While it may seem like a normal FB application, which could give you ability to take a look who has been viewing your INPIVX profile, in reality it must be avoided. In reality, it seeks only to mislead you into thinking that you have violated various laws, and now have to pay the fine for that. Nevertheless, you should not rush to transmit the money even if the encrypted information is crucial. Instead of falling for them, you should simply remove INPIVX and forget its unwanted activity on your machine. To make it look even more legitimate scammers programmed INPIVX to turn infected computer’s camera on and film surroundings. You can employ Anti-Malware Tool for that purpose.  What is more, INPIVX uses Trojan viruses that displays even more fake security problems and privacy issues.

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Remove BulbaCrypt HT

How can ‘BulbaCrypt HT vorläufig aus den BulbaCrypt HT Gründen gesperrt’ appear on my computer?

BulbaCrypt HT is a rogue anti-spyware program – a fake spyware remover, which pretends to be a legitimate program. One of them is BulbaCrypt HT Just like any other malware, belonging to ransomware category, it can encrypt your files and leave you with no photos, music files, business documents, and similar data. You will only see a message stating that you have violated the law by using and distributing pornographic content and for this reason you must pay a fine. The fourth DMA-BulbaCrypt HT edition does not append any file extensions to the encrypted data, therefore, it becomes harder to identify what kind of virus it is. The message itself claims that you have been visiting websites that display illegal content, such as pornographic videos and pictures. Of course, this is a malicious link that can either redirect the victim to malicious website or thick him/her into downloading Pictr_357.Zip, Copy_0027.Zip, Image0905.Zip and other malicious file to the PC system.

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