Uninstall Gotcha

Technical side of Gotcha virus:

“Gotcha” Pop up is a fake security alert generated by a rogue program called Windows Security Suite. The ransom starts from $500 and it must be paid in Bitcoins. Scanning a computer online without your consent is impossible; This virus may also infect MBR sector, which is executed prior windows boot. This parasite is an unreliable program that displays exaggerated scan results in order to gain a purchase. Do not trust Virus Gotchar 2008! Gotcha properties: It has nothing to do with National Security Agency and other governmental authorities. Use reputable anti-malware utilities such as  Spyware; By the way, calling to Gotcha support can also be a cause of extremely big phone bill from your phone operator because this service applies a 

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How to remove Ataware?

Information about Ataware ransomware

.Ataware virus is a malicious ransomware that can PERMANENTLY destroy your personal files. program/service, which is used to swindle people’s money. It has been discovered by a research worker form Proofpoint, nicknamed Kafeine. While seeking this aim, Ataware can not only start recording your keystrokes, download other viruses on the system and update itself. it is similar with the crypto-ransomware giants that seem to duplicate in no time at all. Just like previous versions of this threat, it shows up on computer out of nowhere and reports about various e-crimes, such as the use of copyrighted content, distribution of malware and similar.

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INPIVX virus: what it is and what it does?

INPIVX (also known as FB INPIVX) is a dangerous malware, which belongs to the group of INPIVX While it may seem like a normal FB application, which could give you ability to take a look who has been viewing your INPIVX profile, in reality it must be avoided. In reality, it seeks only to mislead you into thinking that you have violated various laws, and now have to pay the fine for that. Nevertheless, you should not rush to transmit the money even if the encrypted information is crucial. Instead of falling for them, you should simply remove INPIVX and forget its unwanted activity on your machine. To make it look even more legitimate scammers programmed INPIVX to turn infected computer’s camera on and film surroundings. You can employ Anti-Malware Tool for that purpose.  What is more, INPIVX uses Trojan viruses that displays even more fake security problems and privacy issues.

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Remove BulbaCrypt HT

How can ‘BulbaCrypt HT vorläufig aus den BulbaCrypt HT Gründen gesperrt’ appear on my computer?

BulbaCrypt HT is a rogue anti-spyware program – a fake spyware remover, which pretends to be a legitimate program. One of them is BulbaCrypt HT Just like any other malware, belonging to ransomware category, it can encrypt your files and leave you with no photos, music files, business documents, and similar data. You will only see a message stating that you have violated the law by using and distributing pornographic content and for this reason you must pay a fine. The fourth DMA-BulbaCrypt HT edition does not append any file extensions to the encrypted data, therefore, it becomes harder to identify what kind of virus it is. The message itself claims that you have been visiting websites that display illegal content, such as pornographic videos and pictures. Of course, this is a malicious link that can either redirect the victim to malicious website or thick him/her into downloading Pictr_357.Zip, Copy_0027.Zip, Image0905.Zip and other malicious file to the PC system.

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Remove Wesker

How does Wesker virus act?

Wesker  The program blocks targeted system completely and doesn’t allow using any of the applications. It works to convince people about multiple infections found and then it offers removing threats for $49.95 or $79.95. Wesker is typical rogue anti-spyware. 2), etc. Of course, you should never pay the money because it will reach cyber criminals, not your local police office. We highly recommend ignoring this requirement.

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1ClickPDF Removal

Firstly, how could 1ClickPDF hijack my browser?

1ClickPDF exhibits a number of invasive features that will make your online experience a bothersome and annoying one, to say the least. Four sections can be spotted in it: virus is designed to attack the most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera as well as the product of Apple – Safari browser. Therefore, there are many users who see the MySafeTab extension in the list of add-ons and have to use 1ClickPDF as the default search engine. However, this fake search engine will not improve the search results you get, but it could do the opposite.

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Remove Jack

How can Jack infect my computer?

If you see a warning informing that laws related to illegal distribution and usage of copyrighted content, for example, music, videos or films have been breached, that files related to child pornography were detected in this computer or it was used for Spam, it is very likely you are facing Jack. Although it must be manually installed, it uses misleading advertising to persuade users into downloading. In a sense, Jack is an improved version of Petya ransomware. In addition, it starts asking to pay the fine of 100 euro for unblocking it. Sounds great, but unfortunately this is not true.

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How to remove ChaCha?

ChaCha is a ransomware created using JavaScript. How does it act?

If your operating system suddenly crashes and you are introduced to a strange warning in blue screen via CMD, it is likely that ChaCha (also known as ChaCha Virus) has slithered in. However, those who live in other countries should also remember that there are many other versions of ransomwares that look similarly but have a different name and are spread in other world’s countries.  ChaCha, for one, promotes the rogue Zinaps Anti-Spyware. that you should buy its “full” version for getting ability to remove bad files, malicious programs and similar things from your computer, you should stop doing so because this program seeks the only thing – steal the money from its victims. greedy – requires $850 ransom per computer. This is just a method ChaCha uses to trick the user into purchasing it’s “licensed version”.

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Delete Zeropadypt

7ev3n-HONE$T virus: more damaging than before

Just like any other file-encrypting Zeropadypt, 777 ransomware locks victim’s files and asks to pay a ransom in exchange for a decryption software. is the name of a new ransomware that uses AEM encryption methods to lock files on users computers. Zeropadypt neither corrupts data stored on a computer nor steals user’s information, yet it is huge threat. However, many security experts have reported about Zeropadypt, which belongs to the category of malware. Once it gets inside the system, it locks the whole system down and disconnects its victim from the Internet connection. However, the payment system is owned by the creators of this malware threat or their partners, thus further loss of money is highly probable.

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Codnat Removal

Security experts about Codnat virus:

Codnat is a dangerous ransomware, which has to be eliminated without any delay. Like most rogue anti-spyware programs, this one relies on trojans as means of entering the system. however it never functions as one. This type of encryption distorts the data files in a way they cannot be read nor opened. Once run, the parasite performs a “scan” of your system and informs you of numerous “infections”. Usually it is $100, $200 or $300.

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