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Not able to revert back changed browser settings the way they were before? Fade up of useless promotional ads and redirects on your Chrome/Firefox/IE browsers? Seeking for methods to free your PC and browser from the tentacles of completely? If your answer to all these questions is “YES”, then read the blog post below to get the complete information about including methods by which you can easily eliminate or remove it from your PC and browser. is a deceptive website that pretends to be legitimate internet search engine. Many computer users are falling victims to and now it is set as their default web browser homepage and search engine. Beside this it also monitors every web browsing history of user and sends it to its developer hence it is recommended that you must remove it as quick as possible from PC.

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It will display lots of pop-up messages and useless advertisements that are of no use and are only displayed to aggravate victims and earn advantage by promoting them. As the primary motive of this PC infection is to hijack internet browsers completely, it does the same and then does all the aggravating and vice activities that it could in order to completely take control of the browsers. Not only that, on a regular bases it spies all and all movement of your browser usage and gathers vital information such as passwords, credit card & bank account details etc. to exploit them. You need to be cautious about any piece of program you are adding to your system and clicking any link you see on your browser because most of the time these harmful activities lead you to serious security issues. So, be careful about that and strive to get rid of from windows system as soon you find it.

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