How can hijacker be recognized? is a browser plugin which may be recognized by different names, including HC-nemA, Hi-ghD-V, and CineDPV2. It is called (also known as Virus). Why? Please scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions, and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance with this. We are not trying to say that this search engine has been created to infect you with malware, but you should not rule out such a possibility. Windows Antivirus 2008, Win Antivirus 2008, Ultimate Antivirus and some others.

Download Removal Toolto remove is the official web page of the extension. That may happen right after installing another freewares, such as download manager or PDF creator on your computer. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari. People who like to download such programs on their computers should know, that they must carefully check their installation process and unmark those check boxes that claim “Make my start page” or “Make the default search engine”. Using this hijacker for a while, you might also frequently get mislead to third-party web pages. As compensation, this toolbar allows playing some “free” games, that have advertisements.

Download Removal Toolto remove

How could hijack my computer? I do not remember installing it. has been specifically created and tailored for web surfers from the Middle East, and it is easy to see why, since the search engine is in Arabic. Its homepage exhibits a search bar and the list of hyperlinks providing quick access to social networks, shopping sites, TV portals, news websites, and so on. Besides that you need to practice safe browsing habits by downloading your software from official vendors’ websites only as they do not tend to provide bundled installers as third-party download sites do. Fortunately, you don’t have to be genius to remove this search site from the system. Make sure you use an updated version, which has its full virus database and all virus fixes.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties removing, please post a comment below. Do not trust this rogue program and its browser hijacker under any circumstances. that claims to be  If you decide to choose the second method, you should invest in a really powerful security tool. If you believe that such analysis of your operating system is a bit too challenging, we advise you to perform a full system scan using a professional antimalware tool as it can delete anything linked to in an automatic manner.

How can I delete this undesirable browser extension from my system?

To get rid of PUP (potentially unwanted application) fully and permanently, as well as for ensuring future safety of your computer, employ professional malware scanners such as Anti-Malware Tool. For Mac users, we recommend to try out Anti-Malware Tool. You should delete it from your computer with no delay and use a safe and well-known search engine like Google or Bing rather than this one. Follow the steps below to get rid of this unnecessary program for good. What is more, deleting the programs with which you feel the virus may have entered your system attached will not be enough.  In order to reduce the risk of hijack in the future, you should change your sequence of actions.

Download Removal Toolto remove

Download Removal Toolto remove

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