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ODCODC Ransomware Decryptor released by BloodDolly

ODCODC Ransomware is the encryption attack which is used to trick user into paying large amounts of money. To execute its attack ‘.odcodc File Extension’ encrypts victim’s files, and demands for ransom to recover the encrypted files. It uses a strong encryption to make the encrypted files inaccessible. It modifies the extension of the encrypted files to ‘.odcodc’ and drops text files which contains a ransom note named ‘readthis.txt.’ Users are advised to avoid paying the ‘.odcodc File Extension’ Ransomware ransom. The best way to protect yourself from this Ransomware is to backup your files regularly sand use a reliable security program.

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Why Using Multiple Antivirus Programs is a Bad Idea

Protecting your PC doesn’t mean that you must have a sword in one hand, pistol on the other and knife in your shoes. Using multiple antivirus programs is like mixing a vintage Cabernet with breakfast cereal. Just like each food has its own taste similarly each antivirus has its own right and combining them may give unpleasant effects.

Before I move ahead let me explain you that antivirus mean a program which launch when you boot your PC and stays running in memory giving you real time protection not just from viruses but even from Trojans, rootkits, and forms of malware.

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The Growing Threat of Cybersquatting

If you own a trademark and find someone who is holding it hostage as domain name until you pay the large sum for it you may be the victim of cybersquatting.

What Is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting is selling, registering, or using domain name with intent of profiting from someone else’s trademark. It is also referred to the practice of buying up domain names, which use the name of existing business with the intention to sell the names for profit to those businesses.

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Ransomware: How To Tackle Extortion Attacks In 2016

Ransomware is one of the profitable businesses for cybercriminals and a vital pain for end-users and business. With time this ransomware attack is getting more aggressive. Previously users where faced being locked out of their important data but now the malware has been developed and has become more cunning they threaten the user to post all the accessed data online.

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Top 10 Best Ways to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks (Part-I)

Do you really need to worry about your security while using public Wi-Fi?

Nowadays, you will find public Wi-Fi almost everywhere. In addition, you can access the Web from the streets to the subway, from hotels to Starbucks. All you need to do is to connect and use it. Isn’t it very cool. You don’t even need a password to get connected. However, unfortunately, it plays very well in cybercriminals hands.

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Police Virus Removal Tips


What is that Police Virus?

Police Virus is the name used for ransomware diseases to infect people’s computer and steal your personal information and cash. There are many viruses that belong to this great group of which – FBI Moneypak Virus, Europol Virus, Ukash Virus, POLITIE Belgique Police Fédérale Virus, Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü viruses and many more. Despite your trusted design all of these invaders are really malicious viruses and it should be removed from the computer without hesitation.

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How to Remove Europol Virus


What is Europol Virus?

Europol Virus is a ransomware virus that cheats ignorant computer users to send money to hackers to share confidential information with them. Although frightens people into believing they are charged with unlawful distribution of copyrighted material and you have to pay the fine to unblock their computers, this false notice is not legal and it has nothing to do with the police or any crime agencies. This intrusion is a real security risk and that is why it has to be removed immediately.

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Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section Removal Advices



What is Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section?

Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section Virus is a ransomware virus sent to computers and stealing money from its users. To complete their plan, a virus locks systems and argues that if fines are paid, the PC is unlocked. Of course, this is just the trick for your money is the information. This’s why you need to remove Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section Virus to protect the PC and the information.

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Hola Search Redirect Removal Advices

What is Hola Search Virus?

Hola Search. com is a website that you’ll see as the default Search provider and home page when Hola Search tools are installed on your computer. In case you have the pup on the PC, be extremely careful and know you might happen to be directed a malicious page with vague plans.

Hola Search. com has a search provider, who pretends to offer reliable Search findings and provide your users the best Search outcome potential. On the web page you will see a Search the bar and some buttons. If you have a look on this site you’ll notice that the layout is the same as that of the respected Search motor Google. The difference between Hola Search Virus displays pop-up advertisements below the Search bar.

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