Why Using Multiple Antivirus Programs is a Bad Idea

Protecting your PC doesn’t mean that you must have a sword in one hand, pistol on the other and knife in your shoes. Using multiple antivirus programs is like mixing a vintage Cabernet with breakfast cereal. Just like each food has its own taste similarly each antivirus has its own right and combining them may give unpleasant effects.

Before I move ahead let me explain you that antivirus mean a program which launch when you boot your PC and stays running in memory giving you real time protection not just from viruses but even from Trojans, rootkits, and forms of malware.

Every program running in your system uses RAM and clock cycles, that slow down other running program. Antivirus program has small footprint, and it doesn’t slow down things significantly but running two such programs together can slow it down twice.

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There are three main reasons why running two antivirus programs at the same time is a bad idea:

  1. They will compete with each other:

    Antivirus programs look for programs which are monitoring and sending your information to third parties so the competing antivirus program which is monitoring and sending information about your system will look like a virus so the other antivirus program will attempt to block it and remove it.

  1. A War over viruses:

    When an antivirus program finds a virus, it removes it and quarantines it. But if its competing antivirus program sees that quarantined file and then it want to remove or quarantine it according to its own objectives. They will keep on sending reports and notifications about that detected virus though it is no longer a threat to your system. This can be a problem for you.

  1. They will weaken your power:

    Antivirus programs use lot of system memory to perform system scans and other operations. And if you got two antivirus programs on your system then your system’s effectiveness can be diminished or can even be completely wiped out without any benefit as both the program are performing redundant operations.

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Now you know the reason why it is a bad idea to have two security program things could be worse if they conflict with each other. Conflicts could result in failing to work of other programs and Windows can become less stable.

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When it is about protecting your computer from online threats more protection is not a better idea. Use your brain and search for a powerful antivirus program that combat with the latest known malware programs and arm your system to protect against every form of computer threat.

One antivirus program is better than two…..


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